Things that bring me JOY

    These 5 things are bringing me JOY right now

    Things that bring me JOY 

    These 5 things are bringing me JOY right now

    As our world continues to be a super challenging place, and the stress, fear and uncertainty takes it toll, this is the time to cultivate and savour simple moments of joy as much as we can.

    Joy helps our minds and bodies stay healthy, and our spirits stay strong – which is something we could all use more of at the moment.  

    So I’d like to share five things that are bringing me joy and warming my summer heart. 

       1.      Netflix – world’s leading streaming entertainment service

    OMG … I know the rest of the world has been enjoying this for many years, but it’s not been accessible to us until recently.  Being able to upgrade our satellite internet service that NOW allows us this capability … unlimited data and speed … our world has changed!  (can you say OZARK?!)

    Photo: Netflix logo

    2.      American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins

    This book kept me riveted and right there with the storyteller, start to finish. About the ordeal of a Mexican woman who had to leave behind her life and escape as an undocumented immigrant to the United States with her son. You'll never look at a migrant worker the same again. I adore her writing and devoured as many of her books as I could …

    Photo: American Dirt - a novel by Jeanine Cummins

    3.      Russell Brand “Under the Skin” podcasts

    Yes, it’s the British comedian Russell Brand of Rock of Ages, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Arthur and other bubble-headed roles who’s “Under the Skin” asks: what’s beneath the surface – speaking with guests from the world of academia, popular culture and the arts … helps us see the ulterior truth behind our constructed reality.  A brilliant and fabulous interviewer, he gets to the meat of the subject in an intelligent and engaging manner.

    Photo: Under The Skin with Russell Brand

    4.      Yoga online by uuyoga

    With the help of owner Ron Suzuki of, my favourite yoga instructor Leanne Stevens was able to bring us her yoga teachings to us online with Zoom, so we could continue to get our mind, body and souls nourished … and even a little visit with everyone prior to the start of the class.  My Saturday morning cup of normal ….

    Photo: uuyoga studio Winnipeg Beach Manitoba Canada

    5.      Nature by Mother Nature

    Almost every morning just as the sunrises, from my deckchair, I watch the world wake up. I listen to the chirping of the wren sitting on it’s birdhouse, the seagulls laugh as they greet the sun, the light as it dances on the lake, the dragonfly that lands on my head, the hummingbird that comes to my petunias, then me, to hover and say good morning … and I realize how much the world gives us for free …

    Photo: Mother Nature Child Love 

    While none of us can predict what the future will bring, here’s what I know for sure.  Practicing compassion – for ourselves, for our families and for people out there struggling with extraordinary pain and stress right now – is essential. 

    So when things get challenging, blanket yourself in love.  And please don’t be hard on yourself.  Give yourself “extra” time to be, to feel, to think, to rest and to heal.  

    And when you're ready, call me to plan your next dream vacation ... THAT will put you in an even better mood!