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Syndi Prokopich

Syndi Prokopich

Is TIME your most precious and fleeting commodity?

Do you STRESS and STRUGGLE to plan vacations for you and your spouse/family, spending countless hours on the internet wishing and longing for more meaningful vacations making memories?

Hi There! I’m Syndi Prokopich, owner and founder of AUTHENTIC VACATION DESIGNS. My passion is to create those unforgettable and memorable travel experiences you dream of … where all the DETAILS are taken care of and you just show up.

HOW? By getting to know your interests, hobbies and passions before and incorporating them into a vacation that allows you and your family to forge DEEP CONNECTIONS with the people and places you visit … and reconnect in ways not always possible at home where busy schedules dominate your lives.

I’ve been a TRAVELER from the time I could walk (crawl) … my mother literally had me tethered to a dog leash attached to the clothesline outside to keep me contained, because no fence could. I inherited my LOVE OF TRAVEL from my parents, who piled all 5 of us kids into a station wagon, camper truck, motorhome and eventually an airplane … and for the last 40 years, it’s what I’ve done and now have the pleasure of doing for others. By clients span the globe, as far away as Egypt and China.

Because of my RELATIONSHIPS with the best brands, hotel chains, airlines, cruise + touring companies and MORE™,I am able to consult on destinations, excursions and logistics of your trip, resulting in a flawless experience from the time you leave, until you return home.

In addition to the numerous sun destinations, river cruises and escorted tours, my expertise lies in designing a UNIQUE itinerary by providing a personalized and completely customized vacation process. Let me be YOUR PERSONAL TRAVEL CONCIERGE

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Syndi Prokopich

Syndi Prokopich

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