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Authentic Vacation Designs - Why now?

Now, more than ever, with the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, regulations, etc, navigating the complex landscape of travel has now made a Travel Advisor more valuable than ever.  Continual study and update of the industry is essential in the ever-changing Travel environment.  When many were stranded when the pandemic hit, I was there to help bring them home ... 

At Authentic Vacation Designs, we want to take you beyond the horizon of ordinary ... I get it: You may have never worked with a professional Travel Advisor and are curious about how the process works, or may even be nervous about reaching out.  You are not alone!  Most of my client had never worked with an Advisor, before coming to me.  Probably the most common phrase I hear during an initial call is, "I've never worked with a Travel Agent.  I usually plan my own travel," which is quickly followed by, "I don't really know how a travel agent works."

Actually, most of my clients, have come from word of mouth or referrals ... Put simply, a professional Travel Advisor should give you four things:

1)    The Travel Experience itself

2)    Value for your Travel Investment

3)    Service

4)    Confidence you've come to the right place

If you want a truly amazing, personalized travel experience, top quality value, and dedicated, personalized service, you'll want to seek out the best.  You want someone you KNOW, LIKE and TRUST ...  That's where I come in ... 

By providing personalized services whether you’re looking for a customized multi-stop family vacation, a romantic getaway, a luxury cruise, or a private trip for your own bubble group, my services allow YOU to relax and enjoy the experience from the planning stages until YOU return home.

What Does Full Service Mean to YOU?

I’ll Do the Booking, You’ll Do the Travelling

Full Service includes custom designed itineraries that include every component of your trip, resulting in vivid moments being etched into your memory by handling ALL the details … with special touches to exceed your expectations. You'll only need to show up.

Besides taking the time to get to know you and those you will be travelling with, we'll discuss the vacation, you've been dreaming of.

We'll talk: travel style, destinations, the purpose of your trip and what would make it an unforgettable travel experience ... Ideas, budgets and more.

One of the most important aspects of planning a vacation is ensuring the destination is the right fit for you, designing journeys around your passions, interests and hobbies so you can create lifelong memories.

Using my professional relationships with On Location Partners, Hoteliers and Tour Operators will ensure we deliver; with resources that cover nearly every concern for your benefit.

  • The logistics are taken care of and so are YOU
  • Air, accommodations and transfers, tours … start to finish service
  • Private Transportation to/from the airport to your accommodations and/or while in destination
  • Custom solutions to any special needs will be met
  • English-speaking tour guide/driver, private tours of any museum, attraction, entrance fees, tickets for a show
  • Preferred Hotels with special rates around the world
  • Value-added amenities, complimentary room upgrades
  • Guided (private) tours by locals and local experiences if desired
  • Special dining experiences, recommended restaurants, shopping
  • Exclusive shore itineraries, custom itineraries and more
  • Reliable providers at your destination
  • A commitment to take care of any problem you may encounter with emergency support available 24 hours a day, help only a phone call away and strive to resolve any emergency that may arise

Are YOU an Explorer?

As an Explorer, you see yourself as an independent traveler. You’ve done touring in the past and love creating your own experiences and on your own schedule … not anyone else’s, yet YOU still appreciate the planning being put into all-in-one package that makes YOU feel like a traveler rather than a tourist.

Or, you’ve simply had no desire to be a part of a tour or a group … YOU find pleasure and joy in getting up in the morning and seeing where the day is going to take YOU when YOU walk out the door of your hotel or guesthouse …

YOU like to try a new destination often, rather than return to the same place twice. YOU could be a honeymooner, baby boomer, family, young professional and maybe even a past cruiser … and you are fun-loving!

YOU also love some of the special touches and little details that truly make your holiday “easy” … because you’ve earned and deserve it.

What can I do for YOU?

I make sure YOU get the best of both worlds using my professional relationships with my On Location Partners, Hoteliers and Tour operators so YOU don’t go it alone until you want to …

  • The logistics are taken care of
  • Air, accommodations and transfers to/from the airport
  • Somewhere between budget and luxury with comfortable bedding
  • Well-organized without feeling like it is
  • Guided (private) tours by locals and local experiences if desired
  • Plenty of free time to Explore on your own
  • Recommended restaurants, shopping
  • Feel like a local, rather than a tourist
  • Authentic
  • YOU know I have your back … and I’ll do what I can to fix it

My specialties include the following, but are not limited to:

  • Europe, UK
  • North, South and Central America
  • Africa
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • South Pacific
  • Asia … and beyond

Whether it’s adventure, culture, history, food/wine, nature or any other vacation theme you have in mind … YOU know it’s going to be about YOU.

During an initial complimentary consultation, we get to know each other and discuss options for your trip.

Save yourself endless hours researching on the internet by letting me do the work looking for best options for flights, accommodations, excursions etc and the best value, and designing your personalized itinerary.

With AUTHENTIC VACATION DESIGNS, it would be my pleasure to save you time and money AND have the unique unforgettable vacation experience you deserve.

But first, please take a few moments, by CLICKING HERE you'll learn the basics of what it's like to work with a Travel Pro and exactly what to look for. This is not self-serving: I'm not the right fit for everyone, and I'm not able to take on all travel planning requests, though I do always enjoy connecting with people who love to travel.  Get the inside scoop by reading it now ... 

When you're done: 

See why we are meant to be together ...Click on the AUTHENTIC VACATION DESIGNS Travel Planning Questionnaire below and let's get started ...

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