Where Will You Travel in 2019 - A Guide

During the next couple of months most of us will be thinking about our travel plans for 2019. There is a whole world to explore so sometimes it becomes a difficult task to narrow down the options. Below are some suggestions based on the occasion and type of trip you're looking to take.


Best Time to Visit: May to June or September to October for hospitable temperatures in the 20Cs (70Fs), which are ideal for temple gazing, beach lazing or hiking

Ideal Trip Length: 3 to 5 nights

Top Attractions: This largest Mediterrean Island seduces travelers with it's dazzling diversity of landscapes and cultural treasures. It rivals Greece for ancient Greek architecture. But there is so much more… it's home to some of the best culinary and wine experiences in the Mediterrean and is the birthplace of Marsala wine. It's also home to Europe's tallest active volcano - Mt Etna. The views - hilltop towns, cobblestone streets and rugged coastline hug Azure waters.

Travel Tip: Did I say beaches? It is home to some of the most spectacular shoreline in the region with black and white sands. Combine it with a Southern Italy / Amalfi Coast adventure. Join my Escorted Group Tour this Oct 10-26, 2019 as we take in Rome, Sorrento, Capri and Sicily.


Best Time to Visit: I love recommending Iceland as a winter destination, here’s why… during summer months the highs are only in the 50s and in the winter daytime temperatures are around 40. So it totally makes sense to visit in the winter to enjoy super fun activities and experience the Northern Lights.

Ideal Trip Length: 6 to 7 nights.

Top Attractions: Experience the Northern Lights (our expert guides will take you on a hunt for the lights and will time it based on the best evening to view them), walk on a glacier, ride a snowmobile, experience spa treatments at the Blue Lagoon and explore the beautiful city of Reykjavik.

Travel Tip: Do not miss the friendly Icelandic horses and enjoy a beautiful ride in the countryside.


Best Time to Visit: To enjoy the sun and sand visit during summer months.

Ideal Trip Length: 5 to 7 nights

Top Attractions: Visit the many beautiful beaches, hike through charming seaside villages, visit vineyards, and enjoy resorts with world-class spas.

Travel Tip: Combine visiting Mallorca with other parts of Spain or, for a total experience of the life of the rich and famous, combine with a visit to the French Riviera.


Best Time to Visit: For the beaches in the south you must visit in the summer. The rest of the country is lovely during Spring and Fall.

Ideal Trip Length: 7 to 10 nights

Top Attractions: Visit spectacular beaches surrounded by cliffs in the Algarve, tour Lisbon’s charming neighborhoods, enjoy wine tours and tastings in the historic Douro Valley.

Travel Tip: Stay a few nights in one of the romantic spa hotels in the Douro Valley.


Best Time to Visit: Anytime! These cities are charming during any season. Spring and Fall are the most comfortable weather wise but visiting during the December holidays is magical.

Ideal Trip Length: 4 to 5 nights

Top Attractions: Visiting iconic sites like the Eiffel Tower and the Tower of London, experiencing world-class museums and monuments, and strolling classic neighborhoods.

Travel Tip: Most European cities are easy to navigate on your own (especially with the help of Google maps!), but having a private guide to visit the top sites gives you a thorough understanding of the history and also allows you to skip the lines and crowds. We also arrange tours/guides based on your interests... cooking, art, cycling, wine, etc...

I hope these ideas are helpful for planning your 2019 vacation(s)!

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