Three of Our Favourite Experiences in Curaçao with Sandals Resorts

Curaçao is the picture of tropical bliss, tucked away in the southern Caribbean Sea, known in equal parts for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters and colorful architecture. While you could easily spend your entire trip beelining between your room, the beach and your resort’s restaurants, this is your vacation — live a little! There’s something for everyone on this rich tropical isle; here are three sights well worth getting out there to experience for yourself.

Photo: Sea life in Curaçao

Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge

The capital city of Willemstad has plenty of boutique shops and delightfully charming eateries well worth a visit, but if there’s any local sight you should seek out, it’s the Queen Emma pontoon bridge. True to its name, this pedestrian bridge floats on St. Anna Bay; it opens at the halfway point regularly to let oceangoing vessels pass through. Strolling its length between these openings makes for a sublime experience — especially with the colorful view of Otrobanda across its length.

Photo: View of the Koningin Emma (Queen Emma) pedestrian bridge in Willemstad

Hato Caves

For a change of pace from the sun-kissed shores, take an afternoon to adventure through the Hato Caves. Comprised of marine coral limestone dissolving over the course of millions of years, this cavern serves as the abode for several colonies of bats (they’ll most likely be sleeping peacefully well overhead as you pass through). A tour through here will highlight many memorable factoids and points of interest: the history of the cave, its cultural significance throughout time, the storied stalagmites and stalactites with names like Sleeping Giant and Mother Teresa as well as a strikingly romantic pool.

Photo: Hato Caves

Mount Christoffel

If you’re looking to trade your long walk on the beach for something more dynamic, turn your attention to Christoffel National Park — and chiefly, Mount Christoffel. As the highest point of Curaçao at 1,220 feet, Mount Christoffel is a breezy hike; you can expect it to take about two to three hours depending on your level of fitness. The reward for your trek? Sweeping, bird’s-eye views of the tropical isle. Snap a few photos for your souvenirs and stay awhile before heading back down — you may not be literally on top of the world, but you’ll sure feel like it up there.

Photo: Christoffel National Park

An ideal way to visit Curaçao is with an extended stay at Sandals Royal Curaçao. Not only will you have plenty of time to experience the sights and flavors listed above, but you’ll also enjoy all the trappings of a state-of-the-art all-inclusive resort: unlimited fine dining across the eight restaurants, unlimited premium liquor across the 13 bars (including the swim-up bar), unlimited water sports, nightly entertainment and live shows, exclusive butler service and your very own Mini Cooper for venturing out and around the island. Our agents know Sandals Resorts well, so we can help you choose, plan and book your cruise vacation to perfection.

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